Installation AkariPSP Multicolor V2
Datum: 10.01.2009
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Install Manual AkariPSP multicolor V2.0 TA79-81
Install Manual AkariPSP multicolor V2.0 TA82-86
Alternative solder points for TH, TG, TC and TB (TA79-86)
Alternative solder point for S2 (TA79-86)

Description of the solder-points/pads :
G = Ground
V1= Voltage 1 (~5.5 volts)
V2= Voltage 2 (~2,5 volts)
TR, TL, TH, TB, TC, TG= Connection to the buttons of the PSP
S1, S2= Connection to the audio signal
LR, LG, LB= Output for the LEDs
MA= Connection MS-Access status
LS= Status LED output
RO= output for rumble

Solder anode of status led to LS, cathode to ground.

How to connect RGB-LEDs (without powerkit)

How to connect RGB-LEDs (with powerkit)
R1, R2 and R3 depend on the number of LEDs.
R1 and R3 = 0,9/(X*0,02)
R2 = 2,4/(X*0,02)
X = number of LEDs.
If you don`t have fitting resistors, use the next higher value !
Use NPN transistors and dont forget to buy an Akaripsp with special firmware for using the powerkit !

AkariPSP V2 can be placed behind the laser's flex cable.
Two pictures: Position and finished installation! Tip: Use the alternative solder point for S2, so you don't need to remove the mainboard at all !

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